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Mutant carrot and super kale

August 29, 2015

Look at the mutant carrot we pulled from the garden on Sunday, August 23.


Not sure if we should be concerned.




We continue to harvest cucumbers, green beans, collard greens, carrots, swiss chard, , beets, kale and scallop squash out of the garden. Initially we held back because we expected the new owner to start building but it’s almost September and nothing’s happened. For all we know, we’ll be gardening here next year.






Speaking of kale – we are literally drowning in it. We’ve reached out to several local restaurants encouraging them to help themselves. In the meantime, please feel free to pick some. And join us any Sunday, usually late afternoon.


Lots of rain = lots of weeds

July 1, 2015

This summer has been unusually wet which is nice when you don’t have to water but not so nice when it comes to weeding. There is a nice crop of kale, lettuce and spinach. Please, if you haven’t done so already, help yourself.

Attached are some pictures of the bean trellis and Mike’s potato cage.

We still have no word on when they plan to start building on the lot. It looks very likely that we’ll have a full garden season this year; maybe even next year. Who knows? We were wise to go ahead and plant.

20150630_132153  20150630_13250720150630_132350

A cold and soggy May 31

June 1, 2015

Almost June and it’s cold and wet.

We have decided that we are going to take our chances and plant anyway, despite the fact that there are plans to build on the lot within the next “2 – 3 months”. (They told us a month ago it would be between 2 – 3 months but we have seen nothing so far.) We realize we might lose our investment but at this point it’s a few hours work and the cost of some seed. Our only limiting factor is the size of our team which is pretty small right now. In other words, we would consider planting more if we had more people to water and weed and pick up trash, etc. So, if you’re interested, let us know. Or stop by on a Sunday. We plan to be out there Sunday June 7 at noon.

It’s only been a few weeks and already we’re seeing a nice crop of kale and spinach. The strawberries are starting to ripen although the squirrels usually get to them before any of us.

IMG_0367 IMG_0368 IMG_0369

Spring clean up

April 16, 2015

Check out these before and after pictures. The garden had accumulated quite a bit of debris and trash over the winter. We had scheduled a cleanup day a month or so ago but it snowed.

Apparently the lot has not been sold so we are preparing for another garden season. Join us!

Our next workday is scheduled for Sunday, April 26, starting at 1 PM.

Before After Before After

Winter cleanup – December 28

January 3, 2015

Before it starts to snow we decided we should clean up the garden. We hauled away 3 or 4 large bags of garbage, trimmed back some of the perennials and scattered milkweed seeds. There were cookies and coffee for the few hardy souls that showed up. Thanks to two young men (I didn’t catch their names) who helped us for a bit.

It looks nice now although we’ll have to do it again soon. It seems that since we aren’t out in the garden on a regular basis, people seem less conscious about disposing of their trash in the proper place. At least that’s my impression. Included are a couple of “after” photos.

There has been no noticeable building progress at the site. We may even get one more season out of the garden. Stay tuned. – Libby

IMG_0166 IMG_0165

We celebrate our first harvest of potatoes

September 11, 2014

The big excitement at our last garden workday on Sunday September 7 was our first harvest of potatoes. The pictures speak for themselves!

Kathleen wrangling carrots

Kathleen wrangling carrots

Three scarecrows. (Oops - 2 scarecrows; 1 human)

Three scarecrows. (Oops – 2 scarecrows; 1 human)

Bountiful harvest.

Bountiful harvest.

Our first BBQ of the summer

July 29, 2014

Sunday, July 27, we had our first picnic of the season. Obviously the hotdogs and turkey burgers didn’t come from the garden but many of the side dishes did. Enjoy the pictures.

neighbors and friends

neighbors and friends

the "spread"

the “spread”

bless Ernie and his grill

bless Ernie and his grill

relaxing under the tree

relaxing under the tree

our watering buddies

our watering buddies

Loading up plates

Loading up plates


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