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It’s spring!

May 5, 2014

Finally it’s warmed up enough to do a little planting. Sunday (May 4) we planted onions, arugula, kale. The Sunday before we planted some spinach, carrots, other greens. Sadly, sometime between Friday and Sunday the garden was vandalized. They knocked over the rain barrels, breaking the spigot. They pulled up spinach and threw it down. (If they had eaten it we might not have been so mad). They tore up the borders to one of the plots. A young man from the neighborhood says he saw the perpetrators but didn’t recognize them. After ranting, folks got to work and cleaned up the beds; righted the rain barrels and refilled them. As a result, we decided it best not to bring out the Little Free Library. Maybe later in the season if all goes well.

While we’re on the topic of bad news, we found out that the lot has been sold. This will likely be the last year for Green on McLean. The new owner plans to build on that spot. He does not know when this will take place and has promised to give us at least a month’s warning when a decision has been made. In the meantime, he has told us to keep on doing what we’re doing. If you know of any empty lots suitable for a community garden, please let us know.

In the meantime, please join us Sunday, May 18 at 3 PM for another workday and enjoy the pictures:

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  1. Hilary permalink
    May 5, 2014 9:09 pm

    I am so happy you had a great day. I get all misty looking at the photos. The winter garden was lovely too. So so glad our youngest gardeners are back helping out. Also… arghhhhh about the vandalism. So sorry to hear that some sad, sad, pathetic, loser of a person messed up our garden. WIsh I had been there for all of it! Thanks for posting.

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